Selling Your Home

Services provided to a seller:

If you are looking for affirmation, confirmation or information, a simple call might give you all three, but trust me, none of the three will be given just to get the job! I am honest with my approach, factual and believe that selling your home is much like going to court. We have to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that what we are doing or asking is ‘reasonable’ .

Selling your home may be new and exciting, but it demands a lot of work and patience.  All those little problems that you let go for so long need to be fixed immediately.  Not to mention a whole floor to ceiling cleaning job needs to be completed before you can show your home.  However, before you start to hold open houses you need to consider a few things:

When you have decided that you are prepared and ready to sell, you and your agent (if hired) will need to settle on an asking price for your home.  You won’t want to price too high and turn potential buyers away, but you don’t want to price too low and limit yourself from profit.  Here are some things to consider when settling on a price for your home:

Open houses may sometimes be inconvenient and stressful but they are a necessary step in the selling process.  In order to attract as many buyers as possible you will want to make your home as inviting as it can be.  It pays to strap on your rubber gloves and do a thorough cleaning of everything.  Here are a few tips to help your home sell faster:


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