Patrick O'Donnell Personal Real Estate Corporation

A real estate purchase on the North Shore is something that you will never regret. There is a reason why our market is the most stable in North America.  We have the privilege of easy access to everything you could possibly wish for. Mountains, Ocean and City life.

I believe the relationship between homebuyers and Agents must be based on trust, mutual goals and understanding—this is why I always keep your interests first and foremost. The real estate process requires negotiation of complex issues; I am committed to working in your best interests and I will help you secure the best possible price in the current market and under the most favourable terms.

While searching for your new home, it’s important to be well informed of the Real Estate market. To help you with this process, consider the following factors: What features do you require in a home to satisfy your lifestyle now? Five years from now? Will your needs change? What’s your budget? These are decisions only you (and your bank) can make.

I really hope we have the opportunity to work with each other.  Real Estate is my business and the North Shore is my home. I have been selling homes for 35 years and you can be assured that no one will work harder or more professionally on your behalf than I will.

Services provided:

  • Disposition of your principle residence to move within the city
  • Disposing of your personal property and breaking social ties in Canada
  • The sale of an estate – with or without probate
  • Disposing of an investment property while living outside of Canada
  • Divorce dispute settlement regarding real estate holdings
  • Real Estate leveraging
  • Real Estate financing options both to borrow and to lend
  • Private Concierge service
  • Investment opportunities outside of the Province, Country or Continent

If you are looking for affirmation, confirmation or information, a simple call might give you all three, but trust me, none of the three will be given just to get the job! I am honest with my approach, factual and believe that selling your home is much like going to court. We have to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that what we are doing or asking is reasonable and based on facts not hyperbole.

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